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Our customers and references

Convincing success stories: Working together to achieve greater efficiency and cleanliness
Laminar flow box for laser beam stabilization
We support MRC Systems GmbH, an expert in the development of laser optical products, in its production with a tailor-made laminar flow box. This enables precise and pure production of your laser beam stabilization systems, even outside a conventional clean room. The box, equipped with a space-saving PVC blind, meets the highest cleanliness requirements and is ideal for installation on existing laboratory benches. We are looking forward to continuing this successful collaboration.
Assembly line cleanroom: Mobile laminar flow box for laser welding
We have installed a mobile laminar flow box for laser welding and sensing processes for an automotive supplier. Equipped with rollers and a transparent PVC curtain, this unit ensures cleanroom conditions directly on the assembly line to ensure cleanliness when working with optical components. This solution therefore effectively supports quality assurance in production.
Perfect alignment thanks to Honeycomb breadboard: Our laminar flow boxes for InnoLas lasers
We delivered four laminar flow boxes to InnoLas Laser, a leading manufacturer of laser sources. These boxes offer the necessary precision and purity for their UV lasers, including modal damping thanks to integrated Honeycomb Optical Breadboards against vibrations. Adapted with TPE curtains to prevent contamination, they also allow flexible connection integrations, making them ideal for InnoLa Lasers precise assembly work.
Cleanroom Enclosure for optical table: Class 5 Photonics relies on individual solutions from Nordair Systems
For Class 5 Photonics, we delivered an adapted Cleanroom Enclosure that protects their ultrashort pulse laser systems from dust and ensures product quality. The modular and expandable design includes “U” shaped optical tables, offers flexibility and allows easy accessory installations to meet specific requirements.