Research Institutions

Nordair Systems provides research institutions with key technologies for contamination-free conditions to enable breakthrough innovations.
Conduct research in contamination-free environments
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Nordair Systems combats airborne contamination in research institutions that interfere with sensitive experiments. Our cleanroom solutions eliminate contamination, ensure the integrity of scientific data and enable precise research results, increase the reliability of experiments and optimize research processes.
Flexibility in configuration
Expanded space for accessories
Integrated storage for devices
Collaborative Partnership
Prevent the following complications:
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Experiment errors due to contamination
Ensures accurate results by maintaining a controlled environment to keep out contaminants that could affect experiments.
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Delays in research projects
Accelerates research projects by providing pure workspaces that enable reproducible and reliable testing.
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Compromised research quality
Ensures the highest quality standards and minimizes waste by supporting contamination-free research processes.
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Lack of adaptability
Nordair Systems' flexible cleanroom concepts enable rapid adjustments to new research projects, prevent time losses and increase efficiency in dynamic research environments.
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Successful projects for research institutions
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Solutions for research institutions
Laminar Flow Box
The Laminar Flow Box is used in research facilities to create contamination-free environments for precise biological or chemical experiments, such as when cultivating cell cultures or handling sensitive chemical reagents.
More about the laminar flow box
a laminar flow box from the front
For individual work steps or complex research chains
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