Laminar flow box for laser beam stabilization

We are pleased to support MRC Systems GmbH in the production of their laser beam stabilization systems!

Die MRC Systems GmbH Based in Heidelberg, Germany, has been developing and manufacturing innovative medical, electronic and laser optical products for over 25 years. A particular focus is on the fully automated orientation, stabilization, positioning and adjustment of laser beams.

The laser beam position is precisely determined with specially manufactured detectors and the laser beam is directed in the desired direction by cleanroom tilting mirror systems and piezo actuators. This allows highly sensitive laser systems to compensate for the smallest vibrations from the environment.

For the systems to function reliably, precisely, quickly and robustly, manufacturing requires high cleanliness requirements. Many customers use the products in a clean room, which is why packaging must also be carried out under clean room conditions.

MRC Systems GmbH would like to add another workplace to its cleanroom capacities. This workstation is to be installed on an existing table in a normal laboratory. The cleanroom workplace should be completely lockable and as space-efficient as possible.

For these requirements, we have supplied MRC Systems GmbH with a laminar flow box as a table attachment. The front can be easily closed with our innovative PVC roller blind or can be adjusted continuously to the desired height. The user can work with their arms under the blind and closely observe the process through the transparent blind.
The blind is very space-saving and is therefore ideal for use in tight spaces. The exhaust air is led downwards through the perforated plate and thus allows laminar flow within the laminar flow box.

We are proud to have provided MRC Systems GmbH with the Laminar Flow Box the appropriate cleanroom workstation for the installation of laser beam satabilization systems and look forward to further cooperation.