Assembly line cleanroom: Mobile laminar flow box for laser welding

We recently installed a mobile laminar flow box at an automotive supplier. There, the latest technologies for laser welding and laser sensors are tested and integrated into series production. In order to ensure reproducible quality in development and series production, maximum cleanliness plays a key role in the handling of optical components during maintenance and modification.

This mobile laminar flow box is therefore equipped with wheels so that it can be easily moved to the application site for maintenance. This enables clean room conditions right next to the assembly line.

This workplace is also equipped with a monolithic transparent PVC curtain. As a result, the front is largely closed even while working with the optics and other components. If necessary, the curtain can be attached to the top of the laminar flow box using the welded magnets.

With this solution, we are pleased to bring a small clean room into series production and thus be able to guarantee the necessary quality in daily work with optical components.