Nordair Systems supports companies in the photonics industry by providing tailor-made solutions for clean and controlled work environments.
Nordair Systems promotes photonics with cleanroom technologies
A photonics experiment
Nordair Systems provides cleanroom photonics solutions to eliminate contamination and improve the performance of optoelectronic components. With laser safety, TPE optimization, dark cladding for optical inspections and clean zones for optical tables, we overcome specific challenges and improve quality in production and research.
Housings for optical tables
TPE curtains for UV lasers
High contrasts for optical inspection
Integrated breadboard
Benefit from:
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Longevity of optics
The finest dust particles on optics can be burned in by laser beams, which impairs laser safety. Finding damaged lenses is complex and time-consuming, and replacement is often associated with long delivery times.
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Best conditions for UV lasers
Transparent TPE curtains, which do not emit gases, create ideal and safe conditions for sensitive UV lasers, in contrast to PVC.
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High contrasts for optical inspection
The optional dark cladding of our cleanroom products creates high contrasts, which significantly simplify optical inspection, cleaning and bonding by enabling precise and clearly defined working conditions.
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Tailored cleanroom conditions
The tight housing of the optical table minimizes cleanroom costs and ensures cleanliness. The insulated cleanroom tent avoids vibrations for optimal conditions.
A photonics light
Photonics solutions
Cleanroom Enclosure
Nordair Systems' Cleanroom Enclosure effectively protect photonics work areas from contamination, offer adaptability and thus ensure precise cleanliness in laser laboratories and during manufacturing.
More about the Cleanroom Enclosure
An example of a cleanroom tent
For individual work steps or complex production chains
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