Nordair Systems promotes innovation in microelectronics with tailor-made cleanroom solutions that increase product quality and process efficiency.
Nordair Systems promotes microelectronics with cleanroom technologies
UV protective films in Cleanroom Cabins and ESD-compliant Laminar Flow Boxes protect materials and components. Illuminated worktops and ionizing bars improve precision and safety in production. In this way, we help companies avoid contamination and produce high-quality electronic components.
ESD compliant laminar flow boxes
UV protection for cleanroom cabins
Countertops illuminated from below
Ionizing rod integration
Prevent the following complications:
An icon that indicates a microprocessor
Malfunctions of sensitive components
Ensures precise function by eliminating microscopic contaminants that could affect sensitive electronic components.
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Delays in product development
Speeds up development cycles by providing pure workspaces that enable rapid and reliable prototype testing.
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Quality losses in end products
Ensures the highest quality standards and minimizes waste by supporting contamination-free manufacturing processes.
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Cross-contamination between processes
Prevents the transfer of contaminants between different production lines, maintaining the integrity of every single manufacturing step.
A microprocessor being manufactured
Microelectronics solutions
Laminar Flow Box
Equipped with a worktop illuminated from below and an ionizing rod, it is ideal for equipping circuit boards.
More about the Laminar Flow Box
a laminar flow box from the front
For individual work steps or complex production chains
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