Our cleanroom solutions provide startups with the ideal basis by ensuring a contamination-free environment for research and development.
Grow with Nordair Systems as a partner
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Nordair Systems offers startups flexible cleanroom solutions against airborne contamination. Customizable and scalable configurations promote rapid prototyping and quality assurance. Professional laboratories and presentation areas increase the reputation and trust of customers and investors.
Customizable configurations
Scalable interior design
Professional laboratory setup
Convincing presentation space
With Nordair Systems as a partner, you benefit from:
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Unrestricted flexibility
Our adaptable cleanroom solutions enable rapid adaptation to changing project requirements and thus support the agility and innovative strength of your startup.
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Scalability as needed
With our scalable cleanroom concepts, your business can easily grow without having to make compromises.
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Professional laboratory environment
Position your startup as a progressive player in your industry by using our professional cleanroom solutions.
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Persuasion for stakeholders
Impress customers and investors with an advanced and visually appealing research and production facility.
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Solutions for startups
Laminar Flow Box
The Laminar Flow Box is the cheapest complete package for startups, ideal for smaller laboratories or R&D areas that require clean conditions for developing prototypes such as electronic components or medical devices. It enables precise work under contamination-free conditions, with little investment.
More about the Laminar Flow Box
a laminar flow box from the front
For individual work steps or complex production chains
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