Cleanroom Cabin

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Highest purity requirements
Access control
UV and laser protection
For large rooms and areas
Reliable stability
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a clean room cabin
Filtration Efficiency
Including dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air.
ISO class 5 to 9
A Cleanroom Cabin is ideal when:
The highest purity requirements must be met for critical production processes.
Large rooms and areas should be set up for extensive or complex production lines.
Long-term projects with demanding cleanliness and safety standards are implemented.
Special UV and laser protection is required for the safety and integrity of the work.
effective access control is necessary to secure sensitive work areas.
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Benefits of our Cleanroom Cabin
Customize your Cleanroom Cabin
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ISO class
Select the ISO class of your cleanroom cabin, with options from ISO 5 to ISO 9, to tailor the cleanliness level to your specific requirements.
An icon that indicates a surface
Cladding material
Customize the surface of your cleanroom cabin with materials such as Dibond, plexiglass, glass, or UV protection to optimize functionality and design.
An icon that indicates a door
Decide whether your cleanroom cabin should be equipped with a lock to further improve contamination control, or whether you do not need a lock.
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Product description
An example of a clean room cabin
The cleanroom cabin is the ideal choice for projects that do not compromise on cleanliness and safety. Designed to meet the highest purity requirements, it combines advanced technologies with strict access control and optional UV and laser protection to provide unmatched protection for sensitive production processes. With a flexible range of sizes ranging from 10 to 200 m², the cabin adapts seamlessly to large rooms and areas, ideal for setting up complex production lines or carrying out long-term projects.

Thanks to its robust construction and the use of high-quality materials, the cleanroom cabin guarantees long-lasting performance and professionalism. Complemented by an efficient air filter system equipped with HEPA 14 filters, it ensures a constant, laminar airflow that always keeps the environment clean and controlled. The transparent walls and ceilings let in natural light, create a bright, inviting working atmosphere and at the same time support protection against UV radiation and laser light.

Available for quick delivery and easy to assemble, the cleanroom cabin offers an immediate solution for demanding environments. It is the definitive answer for companies that want to be leaders in their industry by creating a safe, clean and efficient work environment that increases both productivity and the quality of end products.
Can the Cleanroom Cabin be modularly extended?
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Thanks to its design, the Nordair Systems Cleanroom Cabin not only offers generous space of 10 to 200 m², but also the option of modular expansion. This allows flexible adaptation to complex process chains and growing requirements, ideal for applications in semiconductor manufacturing and other production lines.
What is the difference between the Cleanroom Cabin and the Cleanroom Eclosure?
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The main difference between the Cleanroom Cabin and the Cleanroom Enclosure lies in the size and suitability for specific applications. While the Cleanroom Enclosure is designed for smaller areas of 2 to 25 m², the Cleanroom Cabin covers larger areas of 10 to 200 m² and is particularly suitable for complex process chains and production lines.
How long does it take until the Cleanroom Cabin is ready for use?
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The Cleanroom Cabin is delivered promptly and is installed within a few days. This enables quick start-up and minimizes downtime in order to make your production start-up efficient.
Can the layout of the Cleanroom Cabin be individually adapted?
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Yes, the layout of the Cleanroom Cabin can be individually designed to meet your specific requirements. Our planning team works closely with you to develop a tailor-made solution that is the best fit for your production processes.
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